Who We Are

Lisa Kaufman, Jack Drews, and Denise Davis

Our partners and attorneys, Denise DavisLisa Kaufman, and Jack Drews, have helped shape Texas government, serving in top policy and strategic positions in state and federal government, including:

  • Parliamentarian of the Texas House
  • Chief of Staff for the Speaker of the Texas House
  • Special Counsel and Ethics Advisor to the Texas House
  • General Counsel to the Lt. Governor
  • Special Counsel to the Speaker of the Texas House
  • Director of Budget & Legislative Policy for the Speaker of the Texas House
  • Senior Legislative Counsel and Drafting Attorney, Texas Legislative Council
  • Senate General Counsels for Committees and for State Senators
  • Committee Directors for Senate Committees
  • Director and Counsel to the Texas Judicial Council
  • Counsel to U.S. House and U.S. Senate Congressional Committees